I initially retained Chris Tybor’s services as a personal trainer in order to learn how to work out properly. I was weak and underweight and I was looking for someone with the expertise to help me become strong and fit. Moreover, I needed someone who was sensitive to my past health issues, yet wasn’t afraid to take me on as a client because of them.

Within the first few months of working with Chris, I began to see amazing results. My muscles grew stronger and more defined and as of today, I have never felt more athletic or healthier in my life! Without a doubt, I would never have been able to achieve this level of fitness (or sense of wellbeing and confidence) without Chris.

Chris has a thorough understanding of not only the art of exercise, but the science of nutrition. In order to help me reach my objectives, he employed a comprehensive approach that included: diverse training methods, individualized exercise programs, and nutritional counseling. Chris was always available to answer questions (regardless of how stupid they seemed) and his easy going; friendly personality created a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere. Meanwhile, his attention to detail, pursuit of proper form, and motivating manner produced an incredibly intense, yet exceptionally satisfying workout session after session. All in all, Chris has proven to be an extremely competent and reliable professional, and I have never sweated or smiled so much in my life!

It goes without being said that with Chris’ guidance I saw results and learned to work out appropriately—but that’s not all I learned. During my time with Chris I also learned how to feel confident and comfortable in the gym, to have a more balanced view of nutrition, to internalize the motivation that he provided, and to move my body in an efficient and enjoyable way. Chris’ extensive knowledge, professional demeanor, and enthusiastic commitment to his work and clients, fashioned the perfect scenario for my previously unimagined successes, and laid the foundation for my new, healthier lifestyle. Furthermore, Chris imparted onto me the skills and confidence needed to maintain that standard of living.

I began working with Chris because I wanted to learn how to work out correctly and gain muscle—which I did. However, I didn’t just learn how to work out, and I gained so much more than muscle. I never expected that partnering with Chris would be such an educational, life-changing experience and for that, I am truly grateful.